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Market Overview: Azimuth has extensive experience totaling over 300 projects with a very wide variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional (C/I/I) clients. These range from small, closely held companies to large, multi-national public Fortune-100 corporations, including a wide cross section of nonprofit institutions, such as schools, public attractions, and museums.

We are expert in adapting the development and implementation of a solar-PV project to the unique corporate or organizational goal set associated with each project, including financial performance, environmental benefits, and marketing advantage.

Many of these projects include public outreach and educational interpretation, which we have satisfied by developing interactive content in cooperation with our clients’ marketing staff, and even as far as inventing our own multi-media kiosk.

We abide by our own corporate social responsibility credo and have helped hundreds of C&I clients achieve their goals within the constraints of their ownership, utility, taxation, and stakeholder structures. This includes both for-profit and nonprofit entities.

On the implementation side of the table, we are experienced with a wide range of business types, and our principals have experience both as contractors and project owners. These include commercial offices, manufacturing, service providers and multi-use/multi-family commercial/residential in stand-alone buildings as well as multi-tenant facilities.


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