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Market Overview: As utilities and cooperatives are adding solar energy to their resource mix, it is essential to understand the key economic and technical drivers to develop high-value, cost-competitive projects.  Azimuth has experience working with dozens of utilities to understand the market as well as the critical intersection of solar-PV distributed generation with utility transmission and distribution (T&D) realities.

These include regulatory compliance challenges, integration into existing networks, long-term planning, and a host of technical requirements focused on quality of service and reliability. Lately, this conversation also includes smart grid technologies, storage, and ancillary services. All of these measures must also integrate an overarching focus on safety and the health and welfare of the public.

In addition to providing engineering and construction services for many utility-scale PV projects, we also have worked alongside our peer utility experts in developing long-range planning guidance for integration of distributed generation into the utility T&D network.


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