Estimated Annual Production:
St. Louis Cardinals
Busch Stadium St. Louis, Missouri
25 kW multiple roof-top solar-PV
35,000 kWh
We developed, engineered, and constructed the iconic solar-PV array at Busch Stadium in St Louis, Missouri for the Cardinals. The stadium energy assessment identified Solar-PV as one of the highest performing energy opportunities on the Energy Master Plan. The solar-PV program consisted of three projects: a ballasted rooftop system; an elevated, waterproof concession area canopy; and a solar awning over a solar-energy educational kiosk.
Design Rationale and System Architecture: The PV installation consists of a ballasted rooftop system, a canopy array attached to a custom-fabricated structure with a standing-seam metal roof, and then an awning over an educational kiosk in the Ford Plaza. Enphase Energy microinverter power electronics were selected for this project. The Enphase system delivered several very important advantages to the stadium personnel and owners: highest level of electrical safety for a venue that enjoys over 4,000,000 visitors a year; exceptional shade mitigation resulting from the changing shading from multiple champion pendants and flags positioned around the array; higher production performance; longer warranty; ease of troubleshooting and maintenance; and an exceptional online monitoring platform.
Project Challenges: The very strict timeline represented an imposing challenge for this project. There was a small window of time between being able to start construction and needing to be out of the stadium for the first pitch. Even though this was a small project, it required significant planning and logistical arrangements to get the multiple work forces in and out on time.
The stadium also proved to be a difficult site to work from the perspective of not being “solar ready.” The stadium was not designed for installation of electrical canopies or other connections to electrical distribution nor the four medium-voltage substations inside the building. Additionally, there are over 3 million visitors to the stadium each year, and it was absolutely imperative that safety be first and foremost at all times.
“We are thrilled with the service Marc provided to the Cardinals Baseball Organization. The installation of our solar array was flawless, and together we have reduced the baseball stadium energy consumptions by 25% and cut base load demand by 400kW.”
Joseph Abernathy; VP Stadium Operations