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Market Overview: Since we founded this company in 2009, our philosophy has been to integrate renewable energy generation with energy efficiency. This requires a much higher level of engineering and financial expertise and is far more difficult than simply delivering PV projects as a Design-Builder. Energy Efficiency is more like being on a diet – should a company undertake an efficiency program, or “energy diet,” they will realize the most significant benefits if they stay on that energy diet over the long term.

Weaving energy efficiency into our projects also can result in the solar-PV projects being downsized – since often a smaller amount of solar-PV will deliver the same organizational results at a lower cost overall. This provides less revenue to us as a company, but it is the right thing to do for our clients.

Energy efficiency usually starts with an energy audit. That takes a look at the overall operation of the company and identifies areas where savings, or other goals, can be achieved. Those other goals may include occupant comfort, safety, reliability, reduced water expenses, improved air quality, or reduced waste.