Energy Efficiency

Market Overview: Every commercial building can perform better in their energy and power usage. Every solar-energy project should include energy efficiency. Integrating energy efficiency into a solar-energy project also can result in the solar-energy project being downsized – since often a smaller amount of PV will deliver the same organizational results at a lower overall cost. This requires a much higher level of engineering and financial expertise and is more difficult than simply delivering PV projects as a Design-Builder. Energy Efficiency is more like being on a diet – should a company undertake an efficiency program, or “energy diet,” they will realize the most significant benefits if they stay on that energy diet over the long term.
Since 2008, our philosophy has been to integrate renewable energy generation with energy efficiency for clients that are energy users (and not independent producers). A smaller PV project can result in less revenue to us as a company, because we are helping our clients reduce their need for energy and power. but it is the right thing to do for our clients and the environment.
Energy efficiency usually starts with an simplified walk-through energy audit. That takes a look at the overall operation of the company and identifies areas where savings, or other goals, can be achieved. Those other goals may include occupant comfort, safety, reliability, reduced water expenses, improved air quality, or reduced waste. The initial energy audit will reveal paths forward for implementing improvements to energy systems. Here is an article that explains the different types of energy audits.
Busch Stadium
We served the St Louis Cardinals Baseball Club for 5 years as the Energy Manager and Solar-PV Developer for Busch Stadium. Our work with the Cardinals started with a comprehensive ASHRAE Level-3 energy audit and simulation model and a full-building commissioning…
Drury Hotels
Drury engaged us to provide energy audits and energy certifications for multiple properties across their portfolio. Drury is one of the most progressive hospitality corporations in the country, and they now build all their new properties to advanced energy performance standards. We provided energy assessments and audits for some of their oldest and newest properties across…
Novus International
Novus had a goal to achieve net-zero energy for one of their US research campuses, and were relying on solar-PV to achieve that goal. We were invited to bid on the project, with a defined specification of system size and energy delivery. We asked to tour the facility first, and during that tour, we identified a number of energy efficiency measures that calculated out to reduce…