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Engineering & Support Services

Market Overview: Azimuth Energy is a licensed Engineering Corporation, our key technical team are all NABCEP-Certified Solar Professionals and licensed Professional Engineers. Our construction team has decades of experience as developers, project owners, general contractors, and consultants to projects as large as $3.2B and 8.9M square feet of commercial floor space. Our solar-PV experience as a team spans over 500 projects and 700 MW of power capacity.

This extensive and diverse experience enables us to deliver services that are not strictly Design-Build (DB) or Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC), like other solar companies. We are experienced at training first responders, municipal planning and zoning personnel, building inspectors, architects, and utility personnel both inside and outside the country. We are equally at ease serving as the Owner’s Agent (also called “Construction Manager as Advisor”), Commissioning Agent, Engineering Peer Reviewer, Insurance Adjustor Inspector, or Expert Witness.