St. Louis, Missouri
Owner’s Agent – Installation Review & Commissioning 1,280 kW
IKEA hired Azimuth as their Owner’s Agent for the solar-PV installation at their new store in St Louis, Missouri. This 1.28 MW rooftop solar-PV installation was completed in 2015, and our responsibilities to IKEA were to ensure the project was designed to local standards and best practices, ensure the installation complied with the construction documents, and provide a construction punch list for IKEA upon completion.
Our role on the project team: The IKEA project team included a nationally recognized PV “design-build” integrator and a local electrical contractor. IKEA engaged Azimuth as its agent, to review the construction documents, vet the analysis and equipment selection, inspect construction, and provide a punch list upon completion. Our goal and directive were to ensure this IKEA store incorporated a top-notch PV system that would be expected to deliver decades of consistent service and safe electricity production. This project required multiple on-site inspection visits and reports to the owner while interfacing with the design-build integrator and electrician.