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Energy saved annually

ITC Holdings


Novi, MI


Owner’s Engineer / Agent for 578 kW Ground-Mount PV System


ITC Holdings is one of the largest owners and operators of electrical transmission infrastructure in the USA. They selected Azimuth Energy to engineer and manage the construction of their first PV (plus energy storage) project for their transmission network.

This project is 578 kW and includes a ground-mount array and a carport array. (The battery plant is connected elsewhere in the electrical distribution.) The engineering was fairly straightforward, and we are licensed in Michigan, so no surprises there. The permitting and construction were complicated and demanding, given the elaborate documentation requirements for the City of Novi, MI, and that this is a highly secure and mission-critical data center immediately adjacent to ITC’s high-voltage substation.

Engineering was completed and construction started in the summer of 2019. Construction completed in 4Q2019, allowing some nice drone imagery with beautiful Michigan foliage in full autumn color.

Azimuth has trained many dozens of electrical contractors and labor teams from the Middle East through the Caribbean and across the United States. We trained the local electrical contractor in how to build the PV system to our high QC standards, and they did an excellent job of it. The team meshed and worked well together, achieving substantial completion quickly.