Novus International
Montgomery City, Missouri
Solar-Energy, Energy Auditing, and Retrocommissioning
Novus had a goal to achieve net-zero energy for one of their US research campuses, and were relying on solar-PV to achieve that goal. We were invited to bid on the project, with a defined specification of system size and energy delivery. We asked to tour the facility first, and during that tour, we identified a number of energy efficiency measures that calculated out to reduce electricity consumption by about 20%. That meant the solar-PV project could be 20% smaller to still achieve the same performance goal. We ended up building a smaller solar-PV system, but Novus was more satisfied with the reduced energy consumption and improvements to resiliency for the facility.
Project Challenges: This property strived to achieve a net-zero-energy performance benchmark using solar-PV and energy efficiency. Some of our energy efficiency recommendations included measures that had no cost or very low cost associated with their completion, and some were operational in nature, requiring only personnel education and procedural changes. Some of the changes were simple system upgrades requiring minimal analysis. Other changes were very complex upgrades related to existing systems, both building energy and process energy.