Estimated Annual Production:
Tropigas ENESA, S.A.
Chiriqui, Panama
2.4 MW ground-mounted solar-PV farm
3,400 MWh
Azimuth was the Engineer-of-Record and Owner’s Advisor for this large, ground-mount project developed for Tropigas, the largest liquid fuel distribution company in Latin America. The project is adjacent to the run-of-river hydro project also developed by the same owner. The design integrates microinverter power electronics manufactured by Enphase Energy, and is the largest Enphase project in the world.
Design Rationale and System Architecture: Due to the difficult soil conditions, the racking design required a poured-in-place concrete pier foundation. The power electronics consists of 8,000 Enphase Energy microinverters, one installed at each module, providing the module-level inversion from DC to AC power. The power from the custom-fabricated combiner panels is stepped up to distribution voltage and then combined with the power from the adjacent run-of-river hydro plant.
The module tilt was engineered to maximize the annual revenue from selling the energy on the spot market, rather than the maximum annual or seasonal kWh energy. This calculation model is influenced by the fact that the sun traverses north of the site for 3 months a year.
Project Challenges: Tight schedule demanded ongoing coordination of international logistics, local labor, and interconnection with the local utility. Widely fluctuating climatic conditions and varying subsoil conditions presented further installation challenges.