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Utilities & Cooperatives

Market Overview: Utilities, cooperatives, and munis are adding solar energy and storage assets to their resource mix. Sometimes this is to start or add to a community solar program, and we also are seeing this done for research purposes. It is important for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) providers to understand how distributed PV generation and storage affects the network and provision of key ancillary services. And it is essential to understand the key economic and technical drivers to develop high-value, cost-competitive projects at the critical intersection of solar-PV distributed generation with T&D realities.

Azimuth Energy has experience working with dozens of utilities, coops, and munis in the US and Caribbean region. This includes development, engineering, and construction services of solar-PV, battery energy storage systems, and closed-loop, pumped-hydro storage.

These projects include regulatory compliance, permitting, FAA airspace authorization, integration into existing networks, long-term planning, smart grid technologies, and a host of technical requirements focused on quality of service and reliability. All of these projects also integrate an overarching focus on safety and the health and welfare of the public.

We also specialize in up-front site feasibility assessment and analysis for solar-PV projects. We are expert in assisting you with evaluating multiple site options before Board decisions; including technology integration, pre-engineering, feasibility analysis, real-estate negotiations, and financial modeling.

Whether engaging us as your EPC, Owner’s Engineer, Owner’s Agent, or Site Assessment Specialist – we can make these projects run smoother and faster, staying on budget, and meeting a wide range of your goals.