Distribution-Scale Utility EPC Services

Market Overview: Investor-owned utilities, cooperatives, and municipal utilities are adding solar energy and storage assets to their resource mix. The most common drivers are to start or add to a community solar program, strengthen an isolated feeder, reinforce generating capacity, and also for research purposes. It is important for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) providers to understand how distributed PV generation and storage affects the network and provision of key ancillary services. And it is essential to understand the key economic and technical drivers to develop high-value, cost-competitive projects at the critical intersection of solar-PV distributed generation with T&D realities.
Azimuth Energy has experience working with dozens of utilities, coops, and munis in the US and Caribbean region on distribution-scale projects up to 30 MW. This includes development support, and all phases of engineering and construction services of solar-energy and battery storage systems. This can begin with up-front site feasibility assessment and analysis for solar-energy and storage projects. We are expert in assisting you with evaluating multiple site options before Board decisions; including technology integration, pre-engineering, feasibility analysis, real-estate negotiations, and financial modeling.
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance and permitting
  • FAA airspace authorization
  • Electric-vehicle charging infrastructure
All of our services focus on your goals and quality of service and reliability. With an overarching focus on safety and the health and welfare of the public.
Whether engaging us as your EPC, Owner’s Engineer, Owner’s Agent, or Site Assessment Specialist – we can make these projects run smoother and faster, staying on budget, and meeting a wide range of your goals.
Central Iowa Power Cooperative
Iowa’s largest cooperative energy provider, Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) selected Azimuth Energy to engineer, procure, and construct a total of 7.8 MW of solar energy at five locations across its service territory. CIPCO is a generation and transmission cooperative supplying power to its thirteen-member distribution cooperatives and associations. This territory…
Prairie Power, Inc.
Azimuth won a competitive tender process to engineer, procure, and construct two solar-PV energy systems totaling 1.3 MW for Prairie Power, Inc (PPI) and its host members: Spoon River Electric Cooperative and Shelby Electric Cooperative. PPI is an electric generation and transmission cooperative headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, and supplying electricity to eleven..
Azimuth was the Engineer-of-Record and Owner’s Advisor for this large, ground-mount project developed for Tropigas, the largest liquid fuel distribution company in Latin America. The project is adjacent to the run-of-river hydro project also developed by the same owner. The design integrates microinverter power electronics manufactured by Enphase Energy, and is the…
City of Columbia, Missouri
The City awarded this project to Azimuth to provide full-service project management, engineering services, equipment procurement, commissioning, and training for this municipality’s 268 kW ground-mounted solar-PV project. We worked closely with the City to plan and schedule the project, as well as develop the engineering in concert with co-marketing efforts with…