Project Description

World Bank

  • Owner’s Engineer and Agent
  • Industry outreach
  • International banking investment

PROJECT Overview

The World Bank engaged us to provide feasibility studies and program management for solar-energy system installations on three Eastern Caribbean islands: St Lucia, St Vincent, and Grenada. This project was intended to help develop and steer the solar-energy industry in these Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) nations, from the perspectives of the governments, utility companies, solar installers, and consumers.

Caribbean Islands of St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada

Site and market assessments for 600 kW of PV capacity


The history of the solar-energy industry in the Caribbean is mixed: the utility and regulatory conditions vary widely, and the range of quality control is extreme. The World Bank recognized these deficiencies and the potential of delivering value with their investment, and hired us to help drive this 4-year pilot program and the World Bank’s decision-making process.
We evaluated the viability and technical requirements for deploying World Bank capital into these three emerging OECS markets. We started with assessing dozens of potential installation locations across the three islands, including schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, and government buildings. Then we coordinated with multiple governmental officials and utility companies to develop viable installation protocols. This included assessing local trade capabilities, shipping and logistics, electrical compatibility, utility policies and tariffs.
Then we developed preliminary designs and provided guidance to the World Bank on how to deploy their resources in these markets. Following these two years of preliminary due diligence, we developed tender documents for on-island Project Managers and for the construction of the projects. The projects were completed in 2019, at the National Hospital in St Lucia, the St Vincent College of Division of Technical and Vocational Education in St Vincent, and T.A. Merryshow College in Grenada.


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