Senate Bill 564 Includes Solar Rebates

On June 1, 2018, Senate Bill 564 (SB 564) was signed into law. This modern energy legislation includes updates to Missouri’s solar programs in the form of solar rebates and utility owned solar. The solar rebates provided for in the law are only available to systems that become operational after January 1, 2019 and be completely installed and operational by June 30th 2019.

The last time Missouri saw solar rebates the fund was depleted well before all the applications in the queue were approved. This time around the fund is actually quite a bit smaller, and we expect the first round to completely fill the queue within days, if not hours, from the time the window for applications officially opens.
The utilities are currently targeting being able to accept rebate applications by November first. Part of that application includes some preliminary engineering. All of that simply means that if you want to take advantage of this you will need to have your ducks in a row and ready to march well before November 1st. The good news is, we can help.

Not only can we help, but for a few qualified customers, we’re willing to share some of the risk. Azimuth Energy and Aschinger Electric will work to complete all the engineering required and application submission work for a very discounted price. We won’t be able to do this for everyone, and because of the very short window we have to work with, we won’t be able to offer it for very long.

If you can answer yes to the following questions, and you’re interested in looking further at a highly subsidized solar array contact us now.

Self Qualification Table

  • Does your electric bill average over $500 a month?
  • Do you have at least 5,000 sq’ of flat or south facing roof space available?
  • Do you own your building?
  • Do the investment matrix below meet your criteria for an investment?
  • Are you an Ameren Missouri, KCP&L or Empire Electric customer?


Can I finance this, or do I have to pay cash?2021-09-01T01:42:37+00:00

Either way. Banks generally like to finance these projects for their good customers because it’s such a safe investment. We’re happy to talk to you about financing options.

Is there a lot of maintenance for a solar array?2021-09-01T01:42:07+00:00

Nope, not really. Keep them clean and have an electrician take a quick look once a year.

Does the rebate apply to residential as well?2021-09-01T01:41:42+00:00

Yes, and we have some really good residential installers we work with. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you sorted out. If you want to do your business, your home, and maybe even some employees homes – we can often put together a really good package.

What if I don’t own my building?2021-09-01T01:41:19+00:00

Those situations really depend on several additional factors. If you have more than 5 years remaining in your lease, and a really good relationship with your landlord, we may be able to help. Generally a very quick financial performance analysis and a chat with your Landlord will sort out whether or not it’s worth investing more time into.

Do I have to install the array on my roof?2021-09-01T01:40:43+00:00

Nope, we do a lot of projects as “ground mounted” arrays. We can also building covered parking and install the solar on that structure. There are a lot of options, but roof mounting almost always provides the best financial return.

What if I need a new roof?2021-09-01T01:40:17+00:00

That’s a tough one. It depends on how quickly we could install a new roof. The good news is, that through this program we can often cover 30% of the cost of the new roof where the solar array is located depending on your tax situation. If you’re interested in this, let us know and we can provide the information to your accountant so they can advise you further on your specific situation.

Is there an easy way for my business to market the “green” component of my investment?2021-09-01T01:39:48+00:00

Yes – we have some really good programs to help you do that. If you’re interested in the green marketing aspect of your project we’d love to chat more.

Will they extend this rebate in the future?2021-09-01T01:36:11+00:00

Yes, as mentioned above. When the first bucket of funding is exhausted, or on June 30th, 2019 it will continue at a reduced level until Dec 31st 2023 or when the funds run out. See the link below for more rebate details.

What if I submit an application and it’s not approved?2021-09-01T01:35:44+00:00

It depends. The rebate will reduce from $0.50/Watt to $0.25/Watt after June 30th 2019 or whenever the first round of funding is used, whichever comes first. If the financials still look good at that rate, then you can move forward.

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